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The Children and the Ship of Tolerance

Capalbio, the sails painted by students with a slogan of peace project supported by Jacaranda Falck. In front of the “Ship of Tolerance”, his multicolored sails swelled by the wind of Capalbio, between the sea and the hinterland, comes to mind the famous phrase of Pablo Picasso: “All the children are born artists, the difficult thing is how to remain an artist once we grow up. ” The panels are rich in strong colors and slogans: “Everyone and a Genius!”, “We All Want It All,” “Love and Peace,” “Tolerance.” Blue sea, Capalbio castle, green trees, hearts, rainbows.

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The Kunsthaus Zug is building a ship for tolerance

With the project Ship of Tolerance by Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, the Kunsthaus Zug invites the public to reflect on the themes of tolerance and respect. The Kunsthaus is thus offering an artistic contribution to one of society’s major current topics. The participatory project by Ilya and Emilia Kabakov provides a tangible experience of tolerance through joint action with others.
First realized in the oasis town of Siwa in Egypt in 2005, the Ship of Tolerance has meanwhile made appearances in such widely diverse locations as Venice, St Moritz, Havana, Miami, Moscow and New York. Now it is in Zug: a region which ‒ with residents from more than 140 nations ‒ is living proof of how the most varied cultures and life designs can coexist peacefully. But Zug is also a region whose economy is subject to global tensions. So it is exactly the right place for a further realization of the Ship of Tolerance project.

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