with Emilia Kabakov

YEAR: 2003





II Bienal de Valencia (2nd Valencia Biennial), Valencia, Spain
La Ciudad Ideal / The Ideal City,  “Solares (or on Optimism)”, June 8 to September 30, 2003


It would be more appropriate to call this “fountain-woman” because the idea is to make a very tall and wide “fountain,” only instead of trickles of water there are thin steel wire supports that “flow” from it, imitating a stream of water, but standing still and merely shimmering in the sun.

Simultaneously, upon careful scrutiny, you should be able to see, rather surprisingly, a woman dressed in crinoline, that is, a “lady of the XVI century,” “the century of fountains.”

Naturally, the entire effect of such a steel structure rests in its dimensions—its height is at least 10–12 meters, and given that size the sculpture itself should be almost invisible—all the surrounding structures can be seen right through it, and it is visible not in its entirety, but only in those places where the sun and sky are reflecting off the twists and turns of the wires.

There is one more unique quality of such a sculpture: the upper tiers of these streams hang freely in the air and sway when there is even the slightest breeze, bumping into one another and making a tinkling sound.



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