The Eminent Direction of Thoughts


with Emilia Kabakov

YEAR: 2017



Collection of Ilya and Emilia Kabakov


Altes Gefängnis (Old Prison), Wittenberg, Germany
Luther und die Avantgarde: Zeitgenössische Kunst in Wittenberg, Berlin und Kassel (Luther and the Avant-Garde: Contemporary Art in Wittenberg, Berlin and Kassel), Altes Gefängnis (Old Prison), Wittenberg, May 19 to September 17, 2017


The chair is placed in the middle of the dark room, closer to one of the walls. The strings of different colors, connected to this chair, are stretched toward the ceiling of the room, like “thoughts” coming from the “invisible” person, who is sitting on this chair. The bare, transparent light bulb is hanging from the ceiling. The walls are painted dull gray.

The room reminds us either of a jail cell or a monk’s room, where a person spends his time contemplating life, death, religion.

Materials: Room size: 2.5 x 4 x 3 m Chair: high-back, natural wood color Strings: different colors, 5 mm in diameter Light: bare bulb, hanging on a cord from the ceiling, 25–49 watts, to be determined during installation.



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