Someone's Crawling Under the Floor

Concept-drawing-1997-watercolor-felt-pen-and-colored-pencil-on-a-photocopied-drawing-215-x- (1).jpg

(Someone’s Crawling Under the Carpet)

YEAR: 1998



Collection of the artist


See No 118, 120, 122


Antwerp, M HKA, Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst Antwerpen, Belgium
16 Installaties, 17 Apr 1998 — 23 Aug 1998 (as part of No 118, 16 Installations, Room 5)


The viewer enters into a hall, the center of which is surrounded by a rope barrier, and the viewer can only move along the wall. In the middle under the floor – or more accurately, under the rug – something is happening. Taking a closer look, the viewer sees that some sort of human figure is slowly crawling around under the rug – the outlines of a body, hands, and legs can be seen. It is crawling slowly, tracing circles ‘under the rug’ in the middle of the hall.

Technical mechanism:

In the middle of the hall along with a real wooden floor, children’s toy ‘tracks’ are arranged in a circle with a moving mechanism on them. A human figure is made out of rags and attached to the mechanism. All of this moves in a circle. The thin synthetic rug doesn’t hinder the movement, and at the same time, it preserves the appearance of a figure under it.



1998Megan BartonComment