Old Bridge


YEAR: 1998



Collection of the artist


Hannoversch Münden, Germany
Installation during the exhibition project 3 Räume – 3 Flüsse, 1998 — 2000

Hannoversch Münden, Germany
Temporary installation along the Fulda River, 12 Oct 1998 — 30 Nov 2000


The sculpture represents a reconstruction of a bridge with its arch resting on two shores. In the middle of the bridge there is a female figure in 19th Century attire holding to the railing.

But virtually what we have before us visually is just the contour of the bridge. It is absolutely transparent, it is barely visible against the background of the greenery of the opposite shore, and it exists in reality only as a sketched plan, as a mirage, a kind of ghost if you please. The thing is that this entire construction of a bridge and a figure on it is made out of a fine (2mm) bright metal wire, so that you can see this bridge only from a very short distance, more accurately, from the walking path of the park island. From this vantage point, the bridge and the figure appear as a vision of a long-ago epoch, and undoubtedly as an image of romanticism that has disappeared into the past. But it has not disappeared entirely. All of the places surrounding a person of modernity in this place are urban, and even the city preserves the marvelous air of the past. Visions of past fates and past residents of the city emerge in the imagination in any of its places, and an encounter with such a recollection as the proposed ‘bridge’ will seem to the viewer to be simultaneously happy and nostalgic and sentimental.

The place serving as the location for this sculpture is especially important. Both banks in this place are steep, and it is very difficult to get to the water. Hence, it is clear that it is virtually impossible to ‘get to’ or even touch this bridge, and it exists only as play in our imagination and memory.

The sculpture can ‘function’ at night as well. Small light bulbs are attached to the bridge and the figure in special places, at night creating the strange and mysterious effect of a drawing hanging in the air that is made out of light.

Technical Description

  1. Dimensions Length of the bridge: 7.5-8 meters Width: 165 cm Height of the upper part: 225 cm Height to the top of the figure: 380 cm 2.

  2. Bridge supports Both sides are placed on 4 small cement blocks. The size of each is 40 x 40 x 40 cm.

  3. Production of the structure

    • The entire production will take place on site, in Hannover-Munden (a dwelling must be identified where the bridge will be constructed in parts).

    • Anti-corrosive wire is required, but it must be sufficiently pliable so that it can be easily bent. The diameter of the wire is 2 mm. It must be light, not dark.

    • All the anchoring knots must be made with the help of welding (solder), but very delicately and inconspicuously. Therefore, 1 welder who works with fine wire must be hired for the work.

    • A fine electrical cord will be run along the wire in certain places (resembling Christmas lights). An electrician will be required, along with the appropriate electrical system.



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