Healing with Paintings


YEAR: 1996



Collection Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg.


Hamburg, Germany
Permanent installation in the Kunsthalle, since 5 September 1996.


The installation has a small corridor in the beginning, a typical corridor waiting area in a provincial hospital with two doors leading from it into ‘exam rooms.’ Immediately after the entrance, the path is blocked by a barrier behind which hangs a bright yellow curtain that is slightly separated in the middle, and the viewer, not able to go farther, views what is going on inside the room through these parted curtains. Inside the room to the left is a made bed, in front of it there is a large painting on the wall depicting an ‘Italian landscape.’ Everything is illuminated with a soft light and the music of Mozart can be heard softly playing. The second room has the same appearance, only the painting (the format is the same as the first) has a different subject, but music is playing that is no less ‘classical’ than in the first. Here the music of Bach is playing, entirely pacifying and calming.



1996Megan BartonComment